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You are visiting a web sight dedicated to one particular manufacturer of fire apparatus.  The Crown Firecoach,  built between 1951 and 1985 in Los Angeles, and  in the later years in Chino, California.  We are inviting you to share the enjoyment that we have with those Crown’s that we have had direct contact with, and the folks we have had a pleasure to share them with.

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                                   Christopher Arnold & Devin Hull                                                                                    


Keep your eyes on the pages to follow, as the photos and information develop.  A true labor of love is unfolding as we share our Crown Firecoach’s, with you.

Most of the current sites photos were shot by Chris, however a tremendous amount of gratitude is given to my father, Lawrence Arnold who shot a lot of the good quality Crown photos shared in upcoming pages, and contributed to Paul’s web-sight.  My Dad Lawrence  also had a deep love of Crown’s as he too was a part owner of F#1001. 

My Dad passed away January 16, 2012 and will be missed greatly.  His fire apparatus photos and documentation of apparatus records will leave quite a legacy for West Coast Apparatus Buffs.

Special Thanks to Chuck Madderom, for inclusion of some of his fine Crown Photography.

For additional Crown photos and information;

Every Crown affectionado needs to have Chuck’s books “Crown Firecoach 1951-1985 Photo Archive” and his book “LAFD Fire Apparatus 1953-1999 Photo Archive”  available through

Special appreciation to our good friend Paul Krot for assistance, encouragement and scanning many of my early slides and those of my father.

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